Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Reply from Sarah Newton MP

Dear Mr Roberts

I have now heard back from the Area Director of HSBC in reply to my recent letter on your behalf. While I understand that this will be disappointing for you, HSBC state that they have followed their processes correctly, and because of this their decision is final and not reversible.

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Sarah Newton MP


  1. Some facebook comments:

    - Unbelievable!

    - They would say that wouldn't they?! I would expect her to try a bit harder - at least to get them to explain!

    - And does Ms Newton have any kind of opinion as to whether their processes are reasonable and ethical?

  2. Sarah Newton was in full agreement with me, and I'm satisfied that she took the time to plead my cause. But in the end a mere MP is powerless against the might of the banks. Steps of St Pauls here I come.