Friday, 21 February 2014

End of the road: reply from the Financial Ombudsman

Dear Mr Roberts

…Based on the information provided, I can see that HSBC has made a commercial decision to close your accounts in line with the terms and conditions of the account. I can understand that after being a customer for a long time, you would be disappointed to find this out. While I do appreciate that this distress was genuine, this was not ultimately caused by the bank making an error… I appreciate that it did not give a reason and I understand that this is inherently unsatisfactory for you, but HSBC is not obliged to give a reason, and our service cannot require it to do so…

Yours Sincerely

Scott Walker


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  1. FB: I can see that the response is far from satisfactory. On the other hand you have highlighted a problem and I'm probably not the only person who would not consider banking with HSBC in the future.... The problem isn't winding up the account but the lack of explanation and reasonable contact and customer support.