Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Complaint to Financial Ombudsman about HSBC

Dear Sir or Madam

On 21 November 13 I received a letter from HSBC stating that all the accounts I hold with them are to be closed. They give no explanation or even invite me to query their unilateral decision. 
Neither my local branch (Truro) nor the head office have been able to explain why this decision has been taken. So I wrote to customer services on 25 November. Their reply of 28 November confirms that the decision will not be overturned. I have been banking with HSBC and its predecessor Midland Bank for 35 years, all my adult life. My accounts are in a healthy state. I consider this to be a completely unacceptable way of treating a loyal customer.
I realise that HSBC isn't going to revoke their decision, so have already opened a new account elsewhere. But I am complaining to you for two reasons. First, I want to help expose the injustice of this practice that I believe should be illegal. Second, I wish to claim compensation from HSBC for the stress and disruption their decision has caused.
In the meantime, I am publicising this injustice as widely as possible through social media.

Yours sincerely

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