Thursday, 28 November 2013

Beware of HSBC financial reviews

By the way, all this started when I went to the bank to make an international transfer. When we were done, the staff member took the opportunity to do a thorough review of my finances.

This is great, I thought at the time, just the kind of personalised customer support that is so often lacking these days. And from a friendly, experienced professional who seemed genuinely interested in serving me. As I walked out of the bank that day, I mentally gave HSBC 10 out of 10.

Little did I know how dangerous such interactions can be. Only a month later, HSBC decide to close my accounts.

Was it a direct result of the review? How do I know? They won't tell me anything.


  1. I used to use them but left because of unsatisfactory banking customer service. Have never looked back. Good riddance!

    1. thanks for the comment Alan. The easiest route for me would be to quit before I'm shoved. But I've decided not to leave quietly. I'll either get justice or expose the injustice.