Thursday, 28 November 2013

My feelings about HSBC right now

This week I've learned that being faced with the possibility of losing your HSBC bank account is stressful. Blogging is my way of monitoring my own emotional response to this crazy news.

The first feeling when you get the letter is disbelief: "This has to be a hoax".

That's closely followed by denial: "This can't happen to me, it must have been sent to the wrong person."

Then it dawns on you that it's real, and it's not about to go away. At this point, you reach a point of reluctant resignation: accepting the reality of it.

This is followed by total exasperation, as you realise that no-one at HSBC is going to give you any answers.

Then you fight feelings of rejection. "But hang on HSBC, I thought we were friends?"

And anger looms large too, at the sheer injustice of it: "How dare HSBC make the decision to close my account without giving any reasons or opportunity for consultation."

Above all, the overwhelming sense of powerlessness: "I'm just one ordinary bloke taking on some vast anonymous international empire."

Yet blogging is empowering: I'm taking control with my keyboard, making my voice heard and reaching a public that urgently needs to be more aware of this issue.

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